Luckily nobody knew what the night was gonne bring.

Jack fell asleep at 2000 that evening. On the sofa. Big sis fell asleep 1 hour later.

This is what lil´sis looked like until midnight.


The following takes place between 3: A.M and 4: A.M

Jack: «What time is it love?» Me slightly annoyed being waked up: «3».

I hear Jack having something to drink, and is not coming back to bed..

Suddenly, I hear big sis?? And Jack in a very much awake conversation. «Do you want a banana?»

«Jack, what are you doing?????» «Do you know what time it is?????????» «You said it was 6.15!» «IT´S TEN PAST THREEEEEEEEE»!!!

«This is your fault, you said it was 6.15!» «No I didn´t!» «Yes you did!» Even Jack has very mature conversations in the middle of the night.

He had wakened her up. After that evening I had.. while he was.. sleeping!!! %@&$?!§?&%@

«Come, we´re going back to bed!» That apparently meant ours.

Nice. One baby is talking, the other one is crying. Jack is just annoying.

Me, I´m furious. On a scale from 1-10.. 2500!

Not trying to show the kids.. I use this on him instead.

«This is a nightmare»

«Tell me about it!»

Jack sees his «father of the year» medal slipping away. Trying to keep big sis on his side, calm. With no luck. She also falls asleep close to me. Eventually.

I´m the meat. I didn´t sleep that night.

Will there be forgiveness, or cruel revenge?? Stay tuned for next episode!


No matter how stupid Jack Bauer can be.. he is always gonne be my superhero!

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